Our Work

SGD Uganda has set out to empower students and youth to participate effectively in the democratization process. SGD Uganda seeks to become a platform from which to help youth advocate and lobby for their needs and priorities, particularly sustainable development, accountable governance, conflict resolution/prevention, and social justice for all Ugandans.

SGD-Uganda designs and implements skills development training programme for seminars, outreaches, volunteerism and community services to equip the target groups with skills, knowledge, impart values of virtue and exploit talent, innovation, inventiveness and creativity; conducts problem orientated research through rapid appraisals to produce facts and inform proper advocacy and lobby strategy with authorities concerned on pertinent issues for empowerment; developing and maintaining an information resource center to enable access to right information for improving peoples’ awareness levels and therefore, their level of advocacy and lobby strategy design. The organization also networks with various stakeholders under various activists’ platforms of advocacy and lobby for improving governance, democracy, sustainable development, human rights and freedoms, civic responsibility and duty, conflict resolution and environmental conservation and protection. The organization further engages in building partnerships with various stakeholders for the purpose of improving capacity and voices on advocacy and lobby on issues of empowerment for grassroots progress and development, government accountability and transparency, research and training. SGD-Uganda also designs and implements leadership mentoring, coaching and training programme to add value on the already existing efforts in Uganda aimed at developing a culture of responsible leadership, responsible citizenship and vibrant civil society to enable achievement of accountable, responsive and transparent culture of governance.

Over the course of years since 2005, SGD-Uganda has been involved in various activities to achieve its goals and objectives. Together with all community members, SGD-Uganda tries to engage its efforts and their potential in essential areas of human development such as: awareness on human rights & freedoms, civic & civil liberties, gender mainstreaming in women, girl-child & children issues, voter education, election observation, monitoring and reporting, constitutional awareness, peace-making and reconciliation campaigns and combating corruption, mobilizing youth groups and youth leaders for solidarity events, working for vulnerable groups, youth political participation, capacity building, writing petitions, conferences, seminars and training workshops among others. Programmes are implemented in schools and communities through campaigns, and community outreach programs. SGD-Uganda has implemented a series of programs which have comprised advocacy campaigns on respect, promotion, protection and education initiatives on human rights, democracy, and governance, environment, and policy issues among others.