Long and mid term volunteers are needed in these categories, teaching, nursing, doctors, surgeons, dentists, pediatricians, community workers, volunteers interested in working with children, all areas one thinks can be interested in volunteering can contact the organization personnel to avail more information, as well can be able to allocate any possibility of a volunteering with our partner organization in any available fields that may be communicated to you back on your inquiry. For time fixed work camps volunteers are urged to arrive the day before the orientation, those volunteers traveling on their own to capital city Kampala and are not picked from the Airport by our team, should contact the organizations on its contacts and avail it with all the details of place of residence, otherwise the organization may secure for its volunteers affordable, secure, hygienic residence areas / hostel or hotel depending on their choice of the standard.

What kind of work is involved in the work camps?

SGD Uganda work camps and study camps usually include manual work activities, study sessions and excursions in a concept of living learning. civic education and cross cultural cooperation.

Work projects

The work performed by volunteers at the project range from renovations, construction, painting, environmental conservation, HIV/AIDS awareness, poverty reduction, girl child education, culture of peace education and many community challenging activities aimed at meeting our goal towards community development.

Study sessions

This includes learning about important topics such as poverty, human rights, conflict resolution, cultural diversity, HIV/AIDS, democracy, gender, fair trade, environment etc.

Excursion and cultural activities

Excursions are organized to exciting historical sites and traditional centers were volunteers interact with the community and also experience traditional food and dances within the work camp areas. Open-air musical concerts are also part of the work camp social event as well as educational activity where volunteers contribute to fighting HIV/AIDS and other issues of child, women and youth concern through music. The concerts are conducted in open places such as community centers, football grounds. People attend the concerts at no cost. However, musical concerts are not always part of the work camp but differ from one camp schedule to another.It brings new knowledge and strengthens one’s tolerance levels and gives an understanding of the existence of differences.


Basic accommodation is provided. Volunteers sleep in tents, class rooms, dormitories and simple guest houses; at times we can be availed accommodation by some community members. What an experience to try out new way of life in a new environment.


Volunteers are encouraged to prepare food in the camp. Some of the dishes prepared in the camp include Ugandan dishes and other global dishes depending on the volunteers and where they are coming from. Sharing of culture is encouraged in this manner hence allowing volunteers to be oriented to the global culture and reducing culture shock.

Who is expected to participate in the camp?

Dedicated and committed male and female volunteers who want to volunteer their time and energy may participate in the camp.

What to bring to the work and study camp?

A sleeping bag, roll mattress, traditional attire or your country traditional dress, working gloves, strong shoes or boots, rain coat, hat or cap, glasses for sun shine, mosquito nets, mosquito repellant, tents if possible, a cup, plate, spoon and a fork, knife, gifts for children where possible, some information books that can be read with fellow volunteers on social, economic, political issues about your country, cameras still photos and video cameras, some music.

Why should you apply?

This is an opportunity for you to come to East Africa, you will also have an opportunity to meet and make new friends and have fun, learn new skills, share rich cultures, learn African way of life, visit historical sites and the world natural wonders such as the mighty River Nile, lake Victoria, Murchison falls. Above all you will contribute to making a difference in the community by successfully completing the project. For students this will be the best environment for you to do you project research, internship while contributing to community development.

When should you arrive in the country?

All volunteers attending time fixed work camps are advised to arrive at least two days before the commencement of the work camp. This is to allow volunteers to attend the orientation.

Other important information

Do not trust your baggage with a stranger! Get security briefing from SGD Uganda. Camp official language is English and local Ugandan languages. Do not leave the camp with out permission/ information. Project locations may change due to unforeseen factors such as last minute cancellation by volunteers, out break of diseases, floods, few applications and community failing to meet their contribution obligations. SGD Uganda is not responsible for volunteers violating Visa regulations, * please apply for the time which you think is enough for you during your applications to travel to Uganda so that you may not be thrown into panic because your time has run down. Recommended vaccinations against tetanus, hepatitis etc. Please consult your doctor before departure. All volunteers are supposed to send in their already filled in application form acknowledging their participation early enough to offer room for preparation, attach passport size photos, as well on arrival they are supposed to offer the organization 3 passport size photos for administration purposes, make photo copies of their passport which are also supposed to be submitted to the organization. Filled in application forms can be sent as attachments via the email, and a copy posted via our post address as these specimen copies mean a lot for the organization accountability for its incoming foreign volunteers, so please they are for record purposes. Students for Global Democracy Uganda (SGD Uganda) are proud to invite all individuals, groups of people who are really hungry to set part of their most valuable time to come and do offer volunteering services to the remote marginalized community, a single volunteering time really hundreds of lives saved from under development epidemic. All inquiries and communications are highly welcome, feel free to inquire and communicate your issue we will be so happy to respond back.