To contribute towards building a human society where respect, trust and mutual understanding are foundations of human posterity


In order to attain the Vision: ‘An enlightened and empowered student community participating effectively in the democratization process and sustainable development of their communities and nation’, to carry out its mission and fulfill its mandate, SGD Uganda has developed 8 strategic objectives, which have been organized into three strategic area focuses:


The specific objectives and purposes of SGD Uganda shall be to engage in all charitable, educational and civic activities allowed by the laws of Uganda, which will include:

  1. Goal:

    Students, fully aware and possessing capacity to demand for their rights of citizenship and needs of the individual and group.

    Objectives and Actions:

    To sensitize and educate students on civics, civic duty, rights and freedoms of citizenship.

  2. Goal:

    Strong partnerships/networks between student groups and other interest groups/partnerships/networks with strong capacity to advocate and lobby authorities for suitable policies, laws and programmes.

    Objectives and Actions:

    To promote strong stakeholders partnerships/networks between student groups and other interest groups/partnerships/networks with like-minded interests of advancing suitable policies, laws and programmes.

  3. Goal:

    Strong culture of leader-manager built on responsible leadership and management along principles of democracy, governance and sustainable development in student life and post-student life.

    Objectives and Actions:

    Strong champions and promoters of values like respect, fairness, equity and equality for the dignity of humanity

  4. Goal:

    Strong champions and promoters of for gender balance and mainstreaming in leadership and management.

    Objectives and Actions:

    To inculcate and nurture a culture of respect for gender balance and mainstreaming in leadership and management to enhance the appreciation of the gender principles in democracy, governance and sustainable development.

How we do our work (Methodology)

To meet its objectives, SGD Uganda utilizes the following methodologies and tools in its activities:

  • Schools and Community outreach programs
  • Holding conferences, seminars, debates, open dialogue sessions, roundtable and meetings.
  • Conducting workshops and training sessions
  • Producing T.V and Radio spots
  • Publication of IEC materials i.e. books, pamphlets, training guides, handbills, brochures etc
  • Participating in solidarity events
  • Lobbying and advocacy programs

The organization implements its activities through a network of university chapters, high school clubs and at the community level, distributed across the 4 traditional regions of Uganda i.e. Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western. To this extent, SGD Uganda has so far engaged over 20 universities and 60 high schools. The organization now boasts of 8 active university chapters and 40 high school clubs, with a total of over 6000 registered members. It has 7 permanent staff, 2 volunteers based at its head offices in Kampala, Uganda and field volunteers across the country. Both the staff and volunteers are educated, skilled, talented and highly energetic people with a strong foundation of work ethics and responsibility.