Democracy for all

Mandate and Values

Our Mandate

Promote a process of participatory decision making at all levels based on the principles of responsiveness, transparency, and accountability.

Promote cooperation and strengthen partnerships for advocacy and lobbying among all stakeholders on issues of human rights & freedoms, democracy, governance and sustainable development.

Conduct evidence-based advocacy for sound policies and programmes in promotion of progressive democratization and culture of governance, and appropriate development planning.

Mobilize resources for institutional capacity building and strengthening to support the realization of institutional goals.

Compiling, publishing and disseminating good practices in democratic governance and sustainable development planning.

Our Values

We believe in:

Community: SGD Uganda values human potential and provides opportunities for young people to reach their highest personal and professional capabilities.

Mutual respect and integrity: genuine caring among individuals fosters diverse viewpoints and opinions, as well as valuing the skills and capabilities of all stakeholders. We value community efforts and continuous learning in the interest of promoting democracy.

Right thinking and conviction: education and training offer wisdom and life skills as tools to exploit opportunities for personal, community and nation development.

Respect, tolerance, and reconciliation: good human coexistence stems from building trust through dialogue, sharing and cooperation peace campaigns, conflict resolution training and workshops, and peace camps.

Advocacy and lobbying: are a human right and tool through information gathering and dissemination, workshops, etc.