The first major area where the contribution of civil society organization to good governance in Africa manifests is in the area of promotion of social justice, rights and the rule of law. There are two main dimensions to this issue:

The protective role of civil society organizations in shielding and sheltering individuals that repressive states threaten their rights. SGD Uganda achieves this by defending the rights of the vulnerable groups through the official legal process such as providing paralegal services to groups of citizens who do not have ready access to the courts.
The advocacy role of civil organizations in pressing for the implementation of existing laws or for the adoption of fresh legislative initiatives and institutional reforms that will enhance the application of rule of law and social justice

Advocating for universal Rome Statute of the ICC ratification and implementation
As members of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC), SGD Uganda ensures that victims all over the world have access to justice; the Rome Statute system must continue to broaden its membership.

Under the Popularizing the Role and Relevance of The Rome Statute among the Student Community in Uganda project funded by the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC),SGD-Uganda aims at countering and defeating the misinformation, misrepresentation and misunderstanding against the ICC perpetuated by the enemies of the court and the fugitives of international criminal justice. SGD-Uganda aims at using the project as a tool to achieve enlightenment and empowerment of the ordinary people in Uganda, the young people-primary and secondary school-going status, school-dropout status (at all levels), students community at higher education level (tertiary education level) and including those who have never been to school (illiterate and uneducated).


These categories of people have been involved in the project to reach out to fellow peers, people of other categories, government officials and politicians throughout the selected areas of Uganda whether rural, urban and peri-urban. The project has defeated negative publicity, stereotype and image portrayal of the ICC through public diplomacy by telling the truth and providing evidence through public diplomacy about the relevant role and functions of the ICC in contemporary International Criminal Justice.

The project has encouraged the people, principally the student community to support and participate in ICC-organized and led initiatives, events and processes locally, nationally and internationally by involving the people en-mass and reaching out to a wider constituency of ordinary people, young people and students locally, nationally and internationally.

Establishment of ICC Student clubs in Uganda
SGD Uganda supports positive complementarity initiatives, such as projects at national level that promote awareness of the Rome Statue system in Uganda by establishing International Criminal Court Clubs in high schools in Uganda to sustain the conversation and ICC related activities in the institutions of learning. These ICC clubs will help to raise a generation of young people who adhere to the principles and values of the international justice systems.