SGD Uganda tries to ensure that the young people, principally the student community all have the opportunity to participate and have a voice in how they will be governed.

As a way of encouraging youth engagement on policy issues, SGD-Uganda facilitates the establishment of mock youth parliaments. The organization helps to create spaces where young people can discuss public policy matters, especially those that impact the youth, and brainstorm opportunities to influence political processes in a manner that catalyzes the youth voice.

SGD- Uganda supports the formation of advocacy forums that will help to empower citizens to hold their leaders accountable for the issues on which they campaigned. The forums will encourage citizens to continue participating in the political process after the elections

National Youth Mock Election Program:

This program organized by SGD-Uganda in both high schools and universities is intended to promote meaningful youth participation in Elections by giving young people practical skills during elections and this initiative increases students’ meaningful participation during general elections and engages young people as polling officials and election observers.


National Youth Mock Debate Competition (Exchange Program)

Youth Mock Parliaments Model is an initiative of SGD Uganda that transforms students/youth on how parliament legislates and makes policies as a hand on experience of young people learning through simulating the democratic process of policy making process. Young people are introduced to the mock parliament in an interactive and informal way, because the likeness that young people who are engaged in civic life with greater political involvement is important in the essence that it cultivates a habit and culture of civic participation. A demand-oriented explanation of political disengagement highlights the unrealistic expectations that many citizens hold with regards to decision-makers who do not have the capacity to deliver all young people’s aspirations.  The mock parliaments offer young people an opportunity to have the national youth manifesto as a talking document through which young people will initiate into discussion and make voice on what political actors should focus on at a timely event.


Accountability Platforms

SGD Uganda organizes Accountability Platforms dubbed as “Citizen’s Voices and Action Platforms”. The platforms bring local leaders, civil society organizations, and young people to engage around public policy. These meetings give young people an opportunity to inquire about the progress made by elected officials and in political party manifestos, as well as addressing the concerns put forth in the National Youth Manifestos. These initiatives also seek to unpack and contextualize how young people can be involved in process that empowers them, reach them and consult them on different youth-sensitive governance approaches.