According to Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka Bobi Wine, the leading opposition leader in Uganda and the President of the National Unity Platform,, his comrades, who were arrested before the concluded Presidential elections last year and  are still locked up at Kitalya were supposed to appear in the military court for a ruling on their bail application. These are people who have been locked up at Kitalya for six months for no crime whatsoever.

He says, “We understand that prison authorities received orders from “above” to return the comrades to prison just as they were about to travel to Court! They seem to be using the excuse of COVID even when the court has proceeded to listen to other cases. A few minutes ago, three “drones” full of suspects just entered the premises of the military court for plea taking! We suspect most of these are our comrades who have been held incommunicado for several weeks, and they will soon be remanded without any chance of getting legal representation.

Gen. Museveni is doing all this to break our spirits, and to force us to talk to him! But this is reason for us to struggle on until we all have a say in our country.

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