Innovative online solutions

Our online learning approach is different because it facilitates meaningful engagement and connections, and delivers demonstrable skills. SGD Uganda educates and trains students in advanced research methodologies and skills on researching and conceptualizing issues on democracy, governance and sustainable development and later connects these emerging leaders with opportunities to strengthen their ability to develop policies and build effective multi-sector partnerships to make democracy work. SGD Uganda helps build constructive relationships between civil society leaders, political leaders, and business leaders.

SGD-Uganda has designed leadership mentoring, coaching, and training programmes to add value on the already existing efforts in Uganda aimed at developing a culture of responsible leadership, active citizenship, and vibrant student’s movement to enable the achievement of accountable, responsive, and transparent culture of governance. The organization has designed and implemented skills development training programmes for future leaders through educational seminars, outreaches, volunteerism and community services to equip the target groups with skills, knowledge, impart values of virtue and exploit talent, innovation, inventiveness , creativity and conducts problem orientated research to produce facts and inform p roper proposal development, advocacy strategies for empowerment.