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Students for Global Democracy Uganda is a student-led nonprofit and non-partisan organization founded in 2005 that inspires young people, principally students, to adopt and promote principles of leadership, good governance and sustainability with the goal of greater youth participation in democratic processes and sustainable development efforts in Uganda and the outside world. Given the needs of the Ugandan youth and student population in particular and a recent trend towards more active citizen engagement on governance issues in Uganda, SGD Uganda has set out to empower students and youth to participate effectively in the democratization process. SGD Uganda seeks to become a platform from which to help youth advocate and lobby for their needs and priorities, particularly sustainable development, accountable governance, conflict resolution/prevention, and social justice for all Ugandans.

  • Mission

    Empower students with knowledge and skills of applying principles of democracy, governance and sustainability in personal, community and nation development.

  • Vision

    An enlightened and empowered student community participating effectively in the democratization process and sustainable development of their communities and nation.

We’re here to support the next generation

Students for Global Democracy-Uganda recognizes that young people must understand the importance of Democracy.

Democracy for all

Our History

In October 2005, Mike Gesa Munabi, the Founder & President with a group of focused and outstanding young people, mostly students, full of vigor, enthusiasm, love and compassion for humanity, inspired an idea for starting up a student led organization, to be a platform of empowering young Ugandans, principally students with the knowledge of democracy and sustainability, to effectively enable them participate in the democratization process and sustainable action of their country. They urged each other at their first initiation meeting, to invest in their full potential and personal abilities, and engage other young Ugandans in efforts, to save humanity, especially the vulnerable young people and women from the devastations of life i.e. conflicts, hunger, poverty, wars, ignorance and diseases.

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